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Research-led Change Initiatives
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Highly discreet, interview-based research to identify: 

  • Threats to brand value and market access

  • What's "the MI we need"? (and why your current MI isn't it)

  • Gaining traction and winning credibility: The challenges facing CROs, Conduct and Culture program leaders

  • Regulation and "flexible ethics" in emerging markets

  • Gaining business value from Conduct and Culture initiatives

  • Risk communications and resilience: Better alternatives to "crisis management"

Bespoke Workshops
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Plain-speaking, highly participative workshops to activate "risk-aware working", from Boardroom to front line.

Often using discreet research and small-group interactions to launch strategic change.

Proven to add revenue, protect value and save costs.

Sample topics: 

  • Conduct risk: How to be ready and rated

  • How to address new regulation and other uncertainties

  • Culture: How to Audit, Measure and Report to the regulator's satisfaction

  • Reputational risk: How to Identify, Measure, Manage and report to the to the regulator's satisfaction

  • Release hidden HR value (and identify hazards to it)

  • Find and fix value-damaging "bad behaviours" 

  • Improve early warnings

"His workshops with our business were crafted with imagination, clear psychological insight, and helped simplify complex concepts.

The examples used were memorable ensuring a lasting impact from our work."  — Scott Wallace, CRO, MCIM

"Roger introduced us to 'risk-aware working' in a uniquely lively and topical way. I liked his new approach so much that I asked the whole workforce to go through the workshops with him. Their feedback was very positive, and people here now have a valuable fresh outlook on opportunities and hazards." Mary Kenny, CEO, Eversholt Rail Group

Keynote Speaking
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Clear, engaging presentations, using memorable real-world examples.


"A truly unique, lively and engaging speaker. His real-world knowledge and experience will bring fresh thinking to improve business value, prevent bad behaviour, protect brand value and integrity, just to name a few. One of the best presentations I have ever attended and certainly the one where I have learnt the most." — Jeffrey Cheah, Head of Compliance & MLRO, Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd.

"A highly thought-provoking presentation. Deeply experienced in risk, he was provocative, challenging, thoughtful. Highly recommended for those seeking to understand more about risk and changing mindsets." — Sandra Macleod, Founder & CEO, Mindful Reputation Ltd.

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Accessible insights for general management readers.

Example commissions:

  • Conduct Risk Management: A Behavioural Approach (Kogan Page, 2017)

  • GroupThink: Not What You Thought It Was (Thomson Reuters, 2016)

  • Catching the Careless Nudists (Berkeley Research Group, 2016)

  • Glossary of Risk Psychology Terms in Behavioral Economics Guides (LSE, Annual, 2015-17)

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