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'Risk rock star'

Doctor of Behavioural Risk, popular author, analyst, close observer – Roger's startling insights come from direct experience and high-intensity, confidential research among leaders over two decades

Partner and Board Director in global consultancies advising FTSE and Fortune public companies on brand value protection and financial market events.

Advising HM Government on risk communications for defence, public safety and the environment.

Roger's track record

Working internationally with standard-setting and research bodies, governments, lawmakers and professional groups.

Leading Behaviour-At-Risk video content for global learning portals Finance Unlocked and Sustainability Unlocked.

Visiting lecturer in risk perception and communication at major universities, government leadership programmes and business schools in the UK and internationally.

DR Roger Miles Headshot

Author of popular business handbooks on Culture and Behaviour; commentaries for the Financial Times and Reuters; blogs with 1m+ unique views.

Industry experience and knowledge

Seeing Roger Miles speak is worth the money alone, no matter who else is on the platform. He’s the Hugh Grant of behaviouralists – the best and funniest presenter it has been my honour to share a platform with.

Event Host

ESG Symposium

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Listen to a selection of Roger's podcast appearances

Following the Rules: today's guests help to navigate regulators' expectations

00:00 / 38:39
Following the Rules podcast with Dr Roger Miles

Today’s guests outline what financial services bosses and board should do to cut through the regulatory noise while still building ethical organisations, as well as the common mistakes they should avoid.



of 2023

The Human Risk Podcast: Dr Roger Miles on Conduct Risk – what is it & how can we manage it?

00:00 / 51:21
Human Risk Podcast with Dr Roger Miles

Exploring with Roger what 'behavioural risk' means and how he came to specialise in it. His stories range from reality TV shows to the 1902 Hanoi Rat Plague - all to fire us up to speak more plainly about 'good conduct'.

Dr Miles keynote was the standout of the event. He had everyone rethinking our role and how to use the power of ‘I don’t know’.


Park Square Capital

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