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Dr Roger Miles
Doctor of Risk
Selected Qualifications

PhD (Risk) (King's College, London)

MA (Hons, Oxon) (Oxford Scholar)

CertEd (RHUL, London)

CertComms (Harvard)

FRSA (Life Fellowship)


Roger Miles researches and engages with many kinds of organisations about how people perceive risk and make decisions under uncertainty.

He is Head of Faculty at UK Finance's Academy for Conduct and Culture; a research associate of Cambridge University (Centre for Science and Policy); and postdoctoral graduate of King’s College London (Hazards & Risk Research Group). He was formerly a visiting Academic Course Leader and Examiner (MSc Risk and MBA courses) at the UK Defence Academy and Risk Communications lead on the NHS Senior Management courses at City University (Cass / Bayes) Business School.

After audit training at PwC, Roger ran regulatory engagement, investor and public interest group risk communication campaigns for firms including Barclays and Vodafone; for public bodies including HM Government's Emergency Planning [Cabinet Office] and Environment [Defra] ministries; and for industry advocates including British Bankers’ Association. 

He now works closely with corporate and public-sector Boards to overcome design weaknesses in risk control and governance. Organisations' senior leaders typically commission him discreetly to produce and run workshop series specific to their needs; to identify and fix any ill-conceived rules and controls; and to reverse  unwanted consequences that may have arisen where controls have been previously introduced without due thought. His workshop sessions typically contrast expert and lay perceptions of risk, identify and overcome bias, and highlight any line functions where subcultures have ‘legitimised misconduct’. He then offers all levels of staff, from senior leaders to front line, a set of simple, practical and motivating steps towards ‘working risk-aware’. This creates value by drawing on staff's diverse thinking and instinct to challenge, improving resilience and decision-making.

Working with professional bodies in finance and other sectors, he is continuing to develop new education initiatives for exemplary management of Conduct, Culture Audit and Reputation Risk. This entails sector-wide research collaboration, working with function leaders in Risk, Conduct, Culture, Compliance and HR, in the UK and internationally to develop and promote more reliable indicators, predictors and reporting dashboards.

He publishes serial commentaries on risk culture (for Reuters, Financial Times, Berkeley Research and others) and best practice guidelines for professional bodies in the finance and professional services sectors. He co-edits the Encyclopedia of key psychology terms for the Behavioral Economics Guides (LSE). His books Conduct Risk Management: A Behavioural Approach (2017) and Culture Audit in Financial Services (2021) are popular, with reviews calling them "timely, fascinating and enjoyable"; "a must-have for financial services leaders and regulators"; "clear, current, engaging and - who'd have expected this? - frequently entertaining".

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