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“Roger is a totally engaging, straight-talking speaker. His experiences and examples are so relatable, they set off a flurry of knowing glances and note-taking! Every point, we can take away and put into practice in our daily work.”
Head of Conduct, Global Investment Bank

“We really enjoyed Roger Miles’s keynote (Humans v AI) – definitely the highlight of the whole event. Such fresh and important insights for… well everything, in our industry!”
Senior Partner, BlackRock

“Roger Miles is a one-off: a ‘real deal’ expert who wears his knowledge lightly.
He’s frank, humble and fearless – it’s awesome how he enjoys tough challenge questions from a live audience. No other speaker I’ve seen responds so cheerfully, or reflects so
deeply, on how we wrestle with risk, ethics and consequences.”
Event Host, Economic Crime Global Conference

“Delegates’ feedback was wonderful: they really liked his delivery and how he made scientific topics accessible for everyone, creating an opportunity for changing mindsets. Fresh thinking for both our professional and personal lives. Very highly recommended.”
EMEA Marketing Lead, Xerox

“Seeing Roger Miles speak is worth the money alone, no matter who else is on the platform. He’s the Hugh Grant of behaviouralists – the best and funniest presenter it has been my honour to share a platform with.”
Event Host, ESG Symposium

“A compelling keynote from Roger Miles, the incredibly popular speaker who we invited back this year. We were fascinated, entertained and starting to think differently. He fired up a great conversation among everyone.”
Adrienne Lawler, Event Convenor, Responsible Asset Owners EU 2023

“Informative and inspiring – a terrific session”
Prof Lord Mervyn King, Good Governance Academy; Former Governor of the Bank of England

“It was a privilege to hear from Dr Roger Miles, one of the leading thinkers. Our members rated his session the most engaging and stimulating in the programme. His insights enriched the meeting beyond measure, helping us to grow as an international resource. Delivered with wit and clarity, deeply thought provoking for all participants.”
The Hon. Justice Lanaola, Chair, Judicial Action Group

“He’s miles ahead on behavioural risk and AI. His session set off a huge, ongoing chat thread among our [200,000+] members: How we must all dig deep, reach beyond our limitations of knowledge if we’re to make the most of technology disruption.”
Events Lead, ACCA

“Roger Miles delivered such a fantastic conference experience for the members – feedback has been excellent.”
Bev Robertson, Chair, APCC (Compliance Professionals Association)

“It’s a pleasure to take part in Dr Miles’s discussions – so much to learn, on culture and many other behaviour-related topics. A truly unique, lively and engaging person and speaker.”
Senior Leader, APAC-based Commercial Bank

“Very informative, with lots of fresh perspectives and good advice. Great real-world examples and a strong set of key takeaways that we can all put into practice.”
Event Host, International Compliance Association

“Exactly the outcome we were looking for: Roger has started an active conversation throughout the firm on ‘the way we do things’, so we support thoughtful risk-taking and exemplary conduct.”
Chief Risk Officer, Global Asset Management Firm

"A lot that we can learn from, in shifting our own culture”
Senior leader, National Audit Office

“Roger Miles started a new train of thought on ‘people risk’: how human systems are driven by evolutionary forces, how we see these in every culture. About finding predictive power among all this. Cutting-through content, from the bleeding edge of behavioural science and complexity expertise. Of real value to customer experience professionals in their jobs”
Mike Bartlett, Event Host, Customer Experience

“Timely, enjoyable and thought-provoking session – he highlighted the cultural issues that make all the difference to our working effectively. Much to take away and apply in the course of our work.”
Senior Civil Service, Departmental Lead

“The best workshop session I’ve ever attended in my 10+ years working here.”
CEO EMEA, Global Investment Bank (G-SIFI)

“Dr Miles keynote was the standout of the event. He had everyone rethinking our role and how to use the power of ‘I don’t know’.”
CRO, Park Square Capital

“On this topic we’re all grappling with, Roger’s presentation framed the challenges brilliantly.”
CIO, Railpen

“Helped us to see risk culture in a whole new way.”
Global Research Leader, ACCA

“A particularly interesting keynote, clearly demonstrating risks of AI in conjunction with human expertise.”

CEO, Scellec: Enquire Research

“Roger is the go-to specialist on risk culture and behaviour; for anyone who’s looking to develop frameworks and good practices, to measure and manage behaviours. He helps firms to place values at the heart of decision-making at every level.”
Ann McFadyen, Managing Director Events and Learning, UK Finance

“Risk rock star”
Emma Parry, former Global Head of Conduct, HSBC

“If you are serious about anything to do with Conduct and Culture, Roger Miles’s books are gems, highly recommended. Useful thinking, wonderfully clearly expressed. Where would we be without his efforts and guidance?”

Donald Davies, Head of Conduct, OneSavings (OSB Group)

“Fantastic session, including good practical guidance on how to improve and measure conduct. Lots of useful ‘different ways of looking’ for our organisation to take forward.”
Delegate, ICA Event

“Greenwashing is lying, even if it sounds politer. As Roger Miles explains in Riding The Dragon, this behaviour goes on as if none of the lessons of banking misconduct from the past have been understood.”
Prof Paul Watchman, UN Special Legal Adviser


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