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The Value of

Positive Risk-taking

Roger presents authentic, expert-qualified, engaging insights, with punchy views grounded in deep practical experience

Event sponsors praise Dr Roger Miles's 'stand-out skills' in engaging with delegates on the spot. As well as 'truly shining when handling the toughest questions', he uniquely weaves in 'live' content as he speaks, making his talks fresh and immediate.


Real-time content can include a news story that's breaking at that exact moment; a digest of an earlier panel discussion; and/or an alternative take on points just made by a previous speaker.

His unique, improvisational style and live interview experience mean Roger is comfortable engaging in any interview and broadcast media sessions around conference events; short promos, webinars, introductory workshops or end-of-event summaries.

What attendees are saying...



beautifully delivered

Knew we’re in safe hands



Way more fun than we expected


usefully practical


Got us all talking

highly interesting


Resonated with us


Best session ever

Top 3 topics right now...

Roger tailors his speaking to each event, keeping the content fresh, relevant to each unique audience and topical every time. Expect to explore:

Humans vs AI: What's our competitive edge?

Why don’t we just hand over all our work to AI?

Discover which valuable skills are uniquely human – and make this your secret advantage over competitors.
Humans vs AI

The Better Way to Counter Cyber Risk

Revealing which factors truly put you most at risk of harm from a 'social engineering' attack –
and how best to stay ahead of them.
Better Way to Counter Cyber Risk

Taking Risks, Better

Let’s make successful decisions – by busting these ‘blocker’ behaviours:


Taking Risks, Better

Top Hits

Some of Roger's keynotes that raised the roof at earlier events

Risky Behaviour

Trusted with unique private access, Dr Miles has interviewed hundreds of senior leaders, who confess to him their private fears.

Hear highlights and insights from 20 years of research that was safely locked away…

‘I’ve never told anyone this…’ – an investigator’s secret findings

As crises strike… 'What Actually Happened?'

Groupthink: Not what you thought it was

Most people assume they know how 'decision delusion' occurs.

They're mostly wrong!

The truth is surprising, and offers a path to transformation.

The Value of Uncertainty

Manage with confidence, once you’re clear what you know – and when you don’t.

Unlock the Value of'I Don’t Know’!

From boardroom to stage...

Whether Roger is speaking at a formal dinner or at a global conference, the audience will be equally inspired and engaged. Attendees award him consistent 5* approval ratings for all the following types of speaking:



C-suite briefing



Roundtable host

Roger at Work

Extracts from 'Tales of the Unintended: Why attempts at control seriously fail – and what we can do about this'

The Library of Mistakes, Edinburgh 2024

Roger Miles is a one-off: a ‘real deal’ expert who wears his knowledge lightly. He’s frank, humble and fearless – it’s awesome how he enjoys tough challenge questions from a live audience.No other speaker I’ve seen responds so cheerfully, or reflects so deeply, on how we wrestle with risk, ethics and consequences.

Event Host
Economic Crime Global Conference


"Roger Miles got us all reflecting on the unique value of human capital, and how behaviour affects every outcome."

Adrienne Lawler, Event Convenor, RAO Global Europe

Looking for a memorable, inspiring keynote speaker for your event?

Some of Roger's events in numbers




attendees whose understanding of conduct changed as a result



of attendees rated the practical steps to get them started as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’


Business Line Leader attendees






consistent top rating:
highly engaging



consistent top rating:
behavioural insight

Senior Management attendees from over 40 countries










Industry sectors

Roger’s sector-challenging conversation with Lucy McNulty for ‘Following The Rules’

Following the Rules: Roger Miles, culture and conduct guru, on what regulators and firms are getting wrong in their efforts to police bad behaviour

One of our Most Listened-to Podcasts of the Year: Today's guest sets out how the market watchdog is falling short in its efforts to clamp down on poor behaviour amongst bosses. He details what regulators are doing now to track the culture of firms under their watch, and what those firms are getting wrong in their response. And he explains how behavioural science could be applied to making rules more effective and easier to obey.

00:00 / 36:10
Following the Rules Podcast with Dr Roger Miles



of 2023

Roger is a totally engaging, straight-talking speaker. His experiences and examples are so relatable, they set off a flurry of knowing glances and note-taking! Every point, we can take away and put into practice in our daily work.

Head of Conduct
Global Investment Bank

Read Roger's comment series: the Human Competitive Edge


LinkedIn AI Series part 1
The Transformative Power of AI in Professional Settings
Part 1
AI *is* transformative. It’s a game-changer for professionals, indeed for all humanity, redefining how we make sense of the world and the risks we take in it.


LinkedIn AI Series part 2
Ethical Pitfalls of AI Integration
Part 2
We need to look carefully, and to talk openly, about the ethics of AI integration into the professional workplace. AI’s datasets are still too often skewed and its algorithms flawed; 
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