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Organiser Resources

So you’re booking Dr Roger Miles – the following resources will help you prepare for the event

Promotional images of Dr Roger Miles

Dr Roger Miles Headshot
Dr Roger Miles Headshot - no background

Roger's book covers

Conduct Risk Management
Culture Audit in Financial Services

Technical requirements

To ensure things run smoothly on the day, here are the a/v details:

Roger will bring:

Laptop (PC)

HDMI cable

Wireless remote 'clicker'

Slide deck (PowerPoint, 16:9)

Notes for host to introduce him as speaker

Please provide:

Wireless lapel microphone

Self-lit lectern

‘Repeater screen’ monitor – in front of stage / at back of hall

Time for an A/V check before audience arrival


Please note that intellectual property rights in all Dr Miles’s presented material remain owned by ©

Only with prior negotiation and written agreement, he may consent to:

(1) circulation of ‘highlight’ visuals, to event attendees only;

(2) audio or video recording of his session.

A detailed list of technical requirements and checklist can be downloaded below, please contact Roger in advance if there are any forseeable problems.

Dr Roger Miles intros for hosts

Short (65 words) Trusted over two decades to run secret, high-level investigations, Dr Roger Miles knows exactly what makes leaders (and followers) tick. He’ll see whether your decision-making’s robust. How you make sense of risk – and the life-changing outcomes of that. Why well-meant initiatives fail to land. How to spot when people are going to disrupt The Plan. He’s also the least stuffy risk analyst you’ll ever meet.

Medium (92 words) Dr Miles works internationally with standard-setting bodies, including government research groups, regulators and the professional associations. He develops ways to improve trust and governance at sector level, such as recently for AI developers; food producers; financial practitioners; risk managers; lawyers and auditors. He also directly assists large organisations’ leaders on improving their culture and governance. He co-founded a Behavioural Risk Academy for one of the UK’s largest commercial sectors; programme alumni now include more than 100 Senior Leaders. He is the author of several books and a widely published writer and researcher.

Long (259 words) Roger Miles works quietly with senior leaders, identifying better ways to manage uncertainty, govern risk, and make more robust decisions under stress. He has also delivered several hundred acclaimed talks and workshops, from Boardrooms to shopfloors, with organisations of all kinds. A Doctor of Risk and trained auditor, he’s had Board roles in global firms including Berkeley Research, and Georgeson. He has scripted FTSE and Fortune business leaders’ public speeches on protecting value and managing change. A former “industry voice” himself, as a sector Director of Communications he wrangled national and EU-bloc legislators; and as a central government Risk Communications lead, he engaged with national hazards to defence, public safety, critical infrastructure and the environment. He was awarded a PhD for his close-observation field study of bankers 'gaming the rules' in the early 2000s. In it, he proposed new methods to monitor behaviour in systemically key businesses. Since in 2008 a global financial crash proved his point, his insights have stayed in constant demand. He has co-created transnational, multi-sector initiatives to improve cultures of risk and decision-making. He has taught MBA, MSc and PhD students, lecturing on risk perception and communication, at the UK's highest-ranked research universities.   Widely published, he is a contributing editor for a global learning portal, an encyclopaedia of psychology, and a regulatory intelligence network. Publishers of his commentaries, research and books on leadership and “risky behaviour” include the Financial Times, Reuters, Risk, and Berkeley Research. You can find plain-language guides to all this in his popular business handbooks Culture Audit and Conduct Risk (Kogan Page).

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