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A behavioural lens on the Post Office scandal: my commentary attracts 500,000 readers

I do wish the language around #PostOffice #scandal would be clearer. To call it a #miscarriageofjustice is akin to describing a drive-by shooting as a “traffic accident”.

To be clear: there was concerted, calculated #misconduct at the highest levels of management.

This is not some legal technicality, and even the phrase “bad behaviour” falls way short of #framing what happened.

One set of people was rewarded, with bonuses, to bully another set of people. Besides bending the courts system to put innocent people in prison, the business then stole their money. The incentive design was condoned by the business owners (HM Govt) and informed, enabled and administered by a cadre of professional advisers.

Can we stop hiding all this behind legal jargon?


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