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One of the most-downloaded 'Following the Rules' Podcasts of 2023

Delighted (and pleasantly surprised) to feature in the Top 3 Most Downloaded of this year's excellent Following the Rules podcast from Lucy McNulty.

It's great to see the mission to "open up new conversations" succeeding so publicly!

2023 has been the year Following the Rules went from strength to strength - "going global" with new followers worldwide and more streams than ever before (see attached for the stats and keep swiping for the pic of how some - but thankfully not all! - of the work got done). It's thanks as ever to the many thought-provoking guests that took time out to speak with me but also my ever-enthusiastic superfans that have rated, reviewed and shared the series throughout the year. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Here's the top-3 most downloaded episodes from the year...

In #1 spot, it's the Financial Conduct Authority's chief operating officer Emily Shepperd on the UK’s markets watchdog's efforts to meet its ever-expanding remit and a plea for the industry to be “a bit more understanding” about the regulator's limits as it navigates this growing to-do list.

In #2, it's Roger Miles, UK Finance Academy’s culture and conduct guru, and Slaughter and May's financial regulation expert Jan Putnis with some practical guidance for City execs on how to navigate regulators’ myriad expectations on culture.

And in #3, it's former FCA chair Charles Randell on the highs and lows of his tenure at the helm of the UK markets watchdog, his advice for those now running the regulator, and an appeal for UK policymakers to do more to stamp out financial exclusion in the country.

Have a listen (again), and stay tuned for plenty more to come in 2024!


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